Photography - A a drug addiction in my life. I started my career as a photographer during my . After Completion of professional photography course from Rajan's school of photography, Hyderabad,I began my career making collections of models focusing on their beauty and attire.Later, I started my company " TCS Focus ", I owned all the equipements & developed a team.I heartily thank all my clients who are attracted to my focus, vision and my hardwork and gave me a chance to enter into the world of unforgettable memories.

I made many wedding events where I captured feelings, emotions, and love of being together of the bride and the groom before, during and after their wedding.I still continued to click the pictures of  mother with a little baby warm inside. Babies give their best poses though they have no idea that they can see themselves in pictures clicked by me in future.

I and my team are here to arrest the most salient moments right from point you find your love to the time where your parents are happy playing with thier kids. My best project ever was a pre-wedding shoot where i had to plan and prepare a perfect sketch at Goa with Mr.Sunil and Mrs.Mounika. We are also capable of promoting products and their benefits to the public. Always i love to live in the realm of Photography